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São Paulo to Angra dos Reis

Coming from São Paulo to Pousada la Dolce Vita is a beautiful trip. We recommend this route, as it takes in some stunning views along the coast and high up in the rainforest.

When travelling by bus or by car, Angra dos Reis is your final destination. From Angra you will need to take a boat to Praia Vermelha on Ilha Grande - details are given below.

  • Merge onto BR-116 - 3.6 km
  • Take the BR-116 exit on the left toward Dutra
  • Continue onto BR-116 - 121 km
  • Take the ramp to SP-125/Taubatė/Ubatuba
  • Take the exit onto BR-383/SP-125 - 2.7 km
  • Stay on BR-383 for 91.2 km
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto BR-101
  • Stay on BR-101 for 112 km
  • Take Rod. Governador Mário Covas/BR-101 for 50.2km
  • Arrive in Angra dos Reis

Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis

Coming from Rio de Janeiro to Pousada la Dolce Vita is also a wonderful trip. Stunning scenery along the coast will wow the adventurer inside you. Make sure to keep an eye out for Ilha Grande along the way - it's hard to miss!

  • Take Av. Brasil/BR-101 for 59 km
  • Continue onto Exit 391
  • Continue onto BR-101 for 87 km
  • Arrive in Angra dos Reis

The Boat to Praia Vermelha

Arriving in Angra dos Reis, your next step is to board a boat to Praia Vermelha. The trip across the water takes about 60 mins and is quite enjoyable. Watch out for dolphins, whales, flying-fish or even a stray penguin.

You will find fishing boats to Praia Vermelha at the 'Cais dos Pescadores' or the 'Cais do Turismo'. You can view the pier on Google Maps. If you ask for the 'Trailler do Maguinho' (Maguinho's trailer), he will help you find your boat and if needed he can help with parking your car.

You can also find important phone numbers here

Note: Make sure NOT to ask for information about boats from the tourist centre as they will most likely send you to the wrong side of the island!

Hop on a Bus

Taking a bus from either São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis is also a great option. Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip! There are many buses from both cities and we have listed a few ways to find the right one for you.

Call Ahead

Looking for the right boat or need to find your bus? Maybe you just need to talk with us? Here are all the numbers you will need!

If you find a number that may be helpful to other travellers, please let us know so we can help future adventurers like you! You can contact us here.